Throwing classes and Workshops

„Good opportunity to calm down after a busy day.“, Kathleen Petz, Marianne Jeindl & Iris Knapp

Throwing classes, Porcelain workshops, special guests, holiday and weekendclasses:

I've got five to eight students per class. This way it is possible to learn the techniques with professional instruction in an individual, creative and relaxed atmosphere. Also you can work in the "Open studio".

In the region of Stuttgart, Esslingen, Reutlingen and Tübingen this is one of the rare pottery and porcelain studios which offer continuous classes.

Continuous Classes for advanced

Classes are Tuesdays 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.,
Wednesdays 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

25 Euros per morning or night

Weekend throwing classes for beginners and advanced

Weekend 1: september 13 - 15 2019

Weekend 2: january 10 - 12 2020

Weekend 3: april 24 - 26 2020

Weekend 4: september 18 - 20 2020

Weekend 5: november 13 - 15 2020

Fr. 5-8pm / Sa. / So 9am-2pm
plus 1 date for glazing
245 Euro incl. glazes, firing, clay


My porcelain workshops

First we see a slide show with the work from 10 porcelain potters. Then I show a lot of little tips and tricks you have to know to be able to throw this difficult and beautiful material . How do we avoid worps and cracks? We train throwing really thin to get translucensy, we work with shellac and underglazes.
Other subjects will be : Lamps , underglazes , gold , colouring porcelain .
This workshop is for advanced students and proffessionals, who want to try porcelain and porcelain potters who want to learn new tricks. It'll be exciting!








dates of my porcelain workshops

oktober 18 - 20 2019 Nürtingen: Porcelain weekend in my studio: Fr 17-20:00, Sa/So 9-15:00, 300 Euro (clay extra)

august 3 - 7 2020 in Aesch/Switzerland 

oktober 16 - 18 2020 Nürtingen: Porcelain weekend in my studio: Fr 17-20:00, Sa/So 9-15:00, 300 Euro (clay extra)


Special Guests

November 15 - 17 2019 Printing on Ceramica with Patrick King

Patrick King: Printing on Ceramics
Patrick King: Printing on Ceramics

fr 10-18:00, Sa/Su 9-17:00
For beginners, advanced and professionels

In this class we learn several ways of printing on ceramics. Patrick teaches in a way the beginners easily get it, and in the same time it's still very exciting for the professionels. The techniques ar all easy enough to work with in your own studio.

More about Patrick at 

Fee: 320 Euro (plus materials 30-50 Euro)

March 6 - 8 2020: "Round and oval" with Susanne Lukàcs-Ringel

Fr 15 - 20:00, Sa 9 - 17:00, Su 9 - 16:00

For beginners, advanced and professionals

Oval and round, thrown and built: Susanne shows you how to deform thrown pieces, make structure in labs and combine them into a new form as well as how to use your tools in a complete new way.


Fee 360 Euro (plus clay)

June 19 -21 2020 Porcelainethrowing with Tineke van Gils (Netherlands)

Tineke van Gils
Tineke van Gils

Fr.15-20:00, Sa/Su 9-17:00

For advanced throwers (you should be able to center 0,5 to 1kg) and for professionels

Tineke shows her throwing techniques combined with colored slab building. Exciting are her decorating techniques. She shows how to build wet in wet to make bigger vessels and more complicated shapes as well as handles and spouts.

Tineke teaches each person individually. Her pieces are virtous and very beautiful - let us get inspired by her work.

More about Tineke at :

Fee: 360 Euros (plus materials)


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